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Live in Rock in Rio Lisboa 2014


i can’t believe it’s been almost 14 years since they brought out their first official album hybrid theory. linkin park has gone trough a lot of different styles in those 14 years and they experimented a lot in this time. but no matter what record they brought out and what kind of musical direction they went to, i’ve always loved them and i always will. their music is really special and it will always mean the world to me. thank you linkin park for always being there for me. 

This is why I love him, he literally said the right things here that can bright up your whole life again, & whenever I  have a bad day, I watch this and it get’s better. Linkin Park fan forever ♥

Mike + Until It’s Gone. »Requested by anon

Mike Shinoda opens up on the current state of Rock Music [video]



The Hunting Party - booklet - part 2/2



Rebellion - The Hunting Party


Is this interview even real?!

Linkin Park - Keys to the Kingdom


LPTV - Road To Download. Download Festival 2014 is tomorrow. #HybridTheory